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For more than two decades Harmonic has established itself as a technology innovator and the market leader in video processing and edge and access solutions for satellite and cable service providers. Today we stand at the forefront of the industry in incorporating the advantages of IP technology for headends and IP transport to the edge, and also serve as the headend provider of choice for many of the world’s top-tier telco IPTV services.

Leveraging our expertise in both the cable and telco markets, Harmonic develops the most complete, scalable and flexible video platforms for delivery of any video service. Our products perform the full range of video processing functions, including satellite and terrestrial reception of digital content, encoding, grooming, statistical multiplexing, encryption, IP-based edge processing and service management. These powerful systems support service providers’ most-demanding applications, including HD broadcast, digital turnaround (DTA), OTT video-on-demand, multiscreen delivery and switched digital video (SDV). With a focus on open systems, Harmonic solutions also support the DVB standard and are fully integrated with leading conditional access systems.

Harmonic digital video headend products stand apart from the competition for good reason. Many utilize our award-winning H.264 codec technology, optimised to deliver the highest quality SD and HD video at the lowest possible bitrates. Our solutions also set new benchmarks for density and scalability. Relying on our ProMedia™ multiscreen software suite, ProStream® 1000 with ACE® real-time stream processor/transcoder, Electra™ multiformat/ multichannel encoders and ProView™ integrated receiver-decoders, service providers can cost-effectively deliver live and VOD programming to a growing number of subscribers on any device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and other IP-connected platforms. By managing these powerful solutions through the intuitive software-based interface of the NMX™ Digital Service Manager network management system, operators can more efficiently control their digital end-to-end workflow.

Utilising Harmonic edge and access solutions, MSOs, cable operators, satellite providers and telcos can increase the capacity of their network and more efficiently allocate bandwidth usage — while maintaining the highest standards in video quality. At the heart of the IP headend is the high-density NSG™ 9000 universal edgeQAM. Built upon a completely modular architecture, the scalable NSG 9000 enables service providers to seamlessly expand their QAM capacity and deploy new feature-rich services as business needs evolve.

Harmonic hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) solutions enable operators to increase capacity with network segmentation, fiber-deep architectures and bandwidth extension to 1 GHz. The SUPRALink® 7110 ultra-dense DWDM transmitter optimises a provider’s fiber network bandwidth and supports a full range of HFC transmission applications, helping to reduce capital and operating expenses while easing the deployment of new revenue-generating services.


Service Providers Applications

Comprehensive IP Video Architectures

An end-to-end solution addressing the complete range of content delivery applications

Harmonic video infrastructure solutions embrace all steps in the video delivery chain. Encompassing a broad portfolio of award-winning and industry-...

Digital Turnaround

Simplifying the complexity of multiformat, compressed video workflows

As service providers look to cost-effectively deliver superior-quality, multiformat video content across a wide range of viewing platforms, digital turnaround (DTA)...

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High-Efficiency HFC Networks

Increase the efficiency of your HFC network

Harmonic allows cable operators to deliver more bandwidth to the home with a number of solutions for hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks, including 1-GHz expansion, fiber-deep architectures and...

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OTT Video on Demand

Video on demand for every screen

The definition of broadcast television continues to evolve, with consumers increasingly watching video-on-demand content on a growing number of devices. Service providers and content owners desire to...

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Switched Digital Video

Maximise bandwidth at the edge

As today’s consumers expect access to more broadcast channels and bandwidth-intensive video services, cable operators are tasked with finding a way to deliver digital video in the most...

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IPTV for Telcos

The fastest way to implement a successful end-to-end IPTV service

Today’s IPTV solutions offer various degrees of complexity, performance and scalability. The competitive IP network needs to support a variety of functions for short-...

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