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Post Production

In post-production environments, efficient workflows are critical for creating, managing and distributing high-quality content in a timely fashion. Streamlining the workflow requires an infrastructure with the capacity to make video and audio simultaneously accessible to multiple professionals and their tools, factoring in a high degree of performance and reliability. The infrastructure should provide a set of management functions for media, users, resources and the workflow itself.

Further, as consumers increasingly watch video on any device, including smartphones, tablets and PCs, post facilities are being asked to support the expanding number of adaptive bitrate delivery formats required by multiscreen video services, while maintaining a high-quality viewing experience.

Harmonic’s optimised file-based workflows enable content providers to achieve these goals — and more. Not only is productivity dramatically increased, but costs are decreased. At the heart of a Harmonic post solution is the Omneon® MediaGrid™ shared storage system. Most post-production companies use complex and expensive Fibre Channel SAN storage because it’s been the only alternative that meets their performance needs. Omneon MediaGrid provides a new storage paradigm that exceeds these demanding performance requirements, uniquely maintaining consistent levels of performance over time, reducing costs and simplifying operations.

Harmonic post-production solutions leverage FilmPartners’ MXFserver, adding a rich set of management functions to organise and simplify the workflow. Among its capabilities, MXFserver makes media assets available only to the subset of users who need access to them, taking into account the permissions commensurate to the users’ jobs.

To manage the complexity of multiscreen production and delivery applications, Harmonic’s ProMedia™ software solutions perform a broad range of functions, including transcoding, packaging and origination. The ProMedia suite can easily be integrated with leading digital rights management systems, asset management systems and content distribution networks, in addition to other Harmonic products, including the ProStream® 1000 with ACE® transcoder and Electra™ family of encoders.


Post Production Applications

Collaborative Editing

Today’s post-production facilities are increasingly operating with environments that may include a combination of products from Avid®, Adobe®, Apple®, Autodesk® and other vendors. To prevent this ecosystem from developing into a chain...

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