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>> Fox International Channels selects Harmonic MediaGrid™ for scalable media workflow solution

Sydney, Australia, 16th January 2015 – Harmonic in Australia announced today that FOX International Channels has added to its existing Harmonic infrastructure with the installation of a MediaGrid™ shared storage system for their integrated production environment. The MediaGrid solution has replaced multiple existing storage systems at Fox International’s Sydney facility, offering a single-platform, cost-effective solution with exceptional performance capacity to accelerate media workflows.

If required to, Fox International’s 90 TB MediaGrid system can seamlessly expand to multiple petabytes of capacity without impacting users or applications, providing an exceptional level of investment protection through the ability to simply add additional storage nodes when there is a demand for more performance or capacity.

Stephen Lloyd, Director of Technical Operations at Fox International Channels, said “FIC is committed to consistently evolving our operations while looking for efficiency. The Harmonic MediaGrid solution made it possible to edit-in-place over existing infrastructure allowing greater flexibility for our creative team”.

Harmonic MediaGrid is designed specifically for video workflows, providing the performance of a SAN with the simplicity of NAS. Proven in many of the world’s most demanding video environments, MediaGrid provides Fox International with shared, real-time storage, such as edit-in-place, collaborative editing, transcoding, video on demand and over-the-top (OTT) adaptive bitrate streaming.


>> Harmonic Partners With on Cloud-Based Transcoding Service for Professional Video Applications

Date: Monday, April 7, 2014

Powered by ProMedia® Carbon and Operated by, New Service Offers Greater Flexibility for Broadcast-Quality Video Transcoding

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, has teamed up with, the world’s largest video transcoding service, to offer a highly flexible, cloud-based transcoding service that provides superior video quality, robust format support, and the flexibility of a feature-rich web application. Available as either a pure cloud-based or integrated cloud-burst offering, the new service provides content creators, service providers, and media professionals with an unlimited cloud capacity for converting broadcast-quality video content into virtually any standard media format, including HEVC, utilising a pay-per-use business model for optimising costs.

“Through the virtualisation of data centres and cloud-based transcoding, we’re able to provide service providers and media professionals with a flexible, scalable and, most importantly, affordable strategy for media processing and multiscreen delivery while offering amazing video quality,” said Yoav Derazon, director of product management for cloud services and transcoding, Harmonic. “With this service, Harmonic customers can simplify operations by using their existing presets and profiles either locally or in the cloud, as well as seamlessly divert workloads to local processing or the cloud as needed, thereby speeding up the transcoding process and controlling costs by allocating workloads dynamically.”

Harnessing the pure cloud-based service, users can achieve specialized professional media workflow capabilities (e.g., production, playout, DRM, etc.) without actually operating any equipment. By allowing users to rely on existing ProMedia® Carbon presets, without having to redefine the settings, the pure cloud-based solution operated by offers exceptional video quality.

Designed for existing Harmonic customers utilising ProMedia Carbon with a WFS™ file-based workflow engine, the cloud-burst service enables users to affordably address fluctuating transcoding volume requirements by giving them access to an unlimited cloud capacity without requiring additional infrastructure equipment. Operation is seamless; users can simply divert workloads to a watch folder that is routed to the cloud. Armed with the ability to burst to the cloud, users can significantly reduce content turnaround time from source to target.

As the leader in cloud-based media processing, not only offers Harmonic ProMedia Carbon customers a dynamically scalable and affordable burst solution while maintaining existing profiles, but also enables a powerful suite of workflow features for DRM, caption conversion, video hosting, watermarking and more.

“With this partnership, we are combining the best in on-premise encoding solutions with the best in cloud-based media processing,” said Jeff Malkin, president at “ProMedia Carbon implemented within the platform empowers customers to generate best-in-breed quality videos while leveraging the elastic capacity of the cloud and the flexibility to maintain workflow requirements in the ever-changing broadcast and multiscreen video landscape.” 


>> Harmonic Redefines Future of Video Production and Delivery with VOS Technology at NAB

Date: Saturday, April 5, 2014

Company Also Announces First VOS-Based Product, Electra™ XVM: A Virtual Media Processor Combining Advanced Compression, Playout and Graphics Capabilities

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, today announced Harmonic VOS, a powerful, extensible software platform and architecture designed to shape the future of video production and delivery. VOS will enable completely virtualized media processing from a single software platform, encompassing historically discreet functions from ingest to playout, graphics, branding, compression, packaging and delivery for broadcast and multiscreen applications. Harmonic will offer the first public demonstrations of VOS at booth SU1210 during the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 7-10.

VOS has the potential to fundamentally change the video delivery ecosystem by bringing all media processing functions into one simplified, unified platform and workflow, for increased operational flexibility, scalability and efficiency. Operating virtually in IT data center environments, VOS can scale up or down to accommodate peaks in demand based on capacity and functional requirements across all video services.

“Harmonic VOS represents the future of video production and delivery, enabling the transformation to software defined, integrated and operationally elastic infrastructure,” said Patrick Harshman, president and CEO of Harmonic. “Video content providers and service providers want greater flexibility, speed and the ability to leverage the cost-effective scale of IT environments. With VOS, our customers will be able to create and distribute new video content globally in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the resources that it takes today, with better video quality, while leveraging public and private clouds.”

VOS includes Harmonic’s PURE Compression Engine, providing ground-breaking video quality and bandwidth efficiency for SD, HD and Ultra HD formats, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC and HEVC compression over CBR, VBR and ABR streams.

Harmonic also announced Electra XVM, the first product to be delivered based on VOS. Electra XVM is an integrated package of VOS functionality including the PURE Compression Engine, playout, advanced graphics, packaging and delivery, and operates in data center environments on OpenStack or VMware vSphere environments for maximum operational flexibility. Virtual machine instances of Electra XVM can leverage data center capacity on demand according to the mix of codecs and formats used, from MPEG-2 SD to HEVC Ultra HD.

“Electra XVM represents a new kind of product – and a new kind of capability – for our industry,” said Krish Padmanabhan, senior vice president of video products for Harmonic. “It is completely virtual and completely IP, and offers unprecedented functional breadth and video quality. With workflow efficiency, bandwidth savings and flexible cost models, it changes the economics and flexibility paradigms of content playout, distribution and multi-platform service delivery.”

“Media processing is inevitably moving into the software realm, increasing our operational flexibility while lowering operating costs,” said Clyde Smith, senior vice president of new technology at FOX Network Center. “Harmonic is unique in virtualizing all aspects of media processing – not just encoding – into one architecture.”

Electra XVM is available immediately in a variety of purchase and usage licensing models according to customer requirements.


>> FOX Replaces Playout Infrastructure at LA Broadcast Center With Integrated Solution From Harmonic

Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Efficient File-Based Playout Solution Powers 14 FOX Channels Including the New FOX Sports 1 Network

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, today announced that FOX Broadcasting Corporation is updating the entire playout infrastructure at its Los Angeles broadcast center with a Harmonic solution built on Spectrum™ ChannelPort™ branded channel playout. FOX made the shift to efficient file-based playout with integrated master control capabilities in preparation for its new FOX Sports 1 Network, which launched on Aug. 17.

“As a company we’ve never been afraid to innovate, and our investment in Harmonic’s file-based playout solution is part of a major shift in how we produce and deliver content here at FOX,” said Joe Coffaro, vice president of engineering at FOX Networks Engineering & Operations. “The ChannelPort playout and surrounding video infrastructure from Harmonic provides the reliability, functionality, and efficiency we require.”

ChannelPort provides support for up to four channels per rack unit with exceptionally low power consumption, which aligns with FOX’s growth strategy. The FOX network broadcast center in Los Angeles supports 14 FOX channels. This deployment will rely on Harmonic infrastructure that includes Spectrum MediaDeck™ 7000 playout servers equipped with dozens of ChannelPort modules, redundant Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage systems, and MediaCenter™ server controllers with integrated storage that together provide dozens of ingest channels. A redundant Media Application Server will be tightly integrated with the existing automation system at FOX to provide media asset management capabilities for the ChannelPort deployment.

ChannelPort speeds the cost-effective deployment of new SD and HD television channels by integrating branding and master control switching with clip playback on Spectrum, the industry’s most trusted media server platform. Possessing powerful channel-in-a-box capabilities, the high-density ChannelPort enables the keying of multilayer graphics and dynamic text over playback or live video to produce rich on-air looks.

The dual DVE and eight-layer integrated branding capabilities offered by ChannelPort will make it easy for FOX to achieve an on-screen look for sports programming that is challenging and costly to achieve with traditional master control equipment. By placing both the main program and the commercial content on the same screen, a double-box effect allows FOX to go to a commercial break without leaving the action. The commercial runs in a large box while the game or other live program runs in a smaller box in the upper corner of the screen, with a themed background plate that matches the content of the commercial.

“The solution we’re providing to FOX Broadcasting offers an advanced and very robust file-based workflow architecture that will support simpler yet more flexible playout of compelling broadcast content,” said Eric Armstrong, vice president of North America at Harmonic. “As FOX continues to refresh its broadcast and distribution model, this architecture and complementary Harmonic technologies lay the foundation for even greater flexibility and efficiency in delivering highly competitive content.”

Further information about Harmonic and the company’s products is available at


>> Harmonic Powers Cutting-Edge OTT Multiscreen Service for Turkish DTH Provider D-Smart

Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fully Integrated With CMS, DRM, and CDN Technologies, the End-to-End Solution From Harmonic Supports Live, VOD, and Catch-Up TV Services

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, today announced that D-Smart, a leading Turkish DTH provider owned by Doğan TV Holding, has selected an end-to-end video preparation solution from Harmonic to power its new OTT multiscreen service offering. D-Smart chose Harmonic’s ProMedia™ adaptive bit rate (ABR), WFS™ file-based workflow, and MediaGrid™ shared storage systems. The integrated solution provides the scalability to deliver high-quality live, VOD, and catch-up TV services to any subscriber device, including TVs, PCs, set-top boxes (STBs), smartphones, and tablets.

“Prior to this deployment, our customers were able to watch linear TV from set-top boxes. In order to expand upon our service offering, we needed an integrated comprehensive video preparation solution,” said Erdoğan Şimşek, DTH platform director at D-Smart. “Harmonic provided us with a complete package for encoding, packaging, recording, and playout, making it possible to stream live, VOD, and catch-up TV content to a wide range of devices, efficiently and cost-effectively. Thanks to the intensity and exceptional level of customer support that Harmonic brought to the project, this OTT deployment was a complete success from start to finish.”

The Harmonic multiscreen solution at D-Smart is part of an end-to-end workflow that includes full integration with content management system (CMS) and middleware technologies from KIT Digital, digital rights management (DRM) technology from Discretix, and OTT content delivery network (CDN) services from Broadpeak.

The adaptive streaming services for D-Smart’s new service offering are orchestrated by Harmonic’s ProMedia Live real-time transcoders, which efficiently convert MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC H.264 content to multiple high-quality ABR streams optimized for OTT delivery and multiscreen devices. By splitting encoding across multiple machines, ProMedia Live improves the processing workflow required for delivering streaming video. The platform also handles a variety of metadata information — such as language, captions, ad signaling/insertion — on input and output, further streamlining operations. ProMedia Live is integrated with Harmonic’s ProMedia Package to enable sophisticated transcoding, encapsulation, metadata management and encryption, from a single platform.

D-Smart’s VOD services are powered by Harmonic’s ProMedia Carbon and ProMedia Xpress file-based transcoders. ProMedia Carbon provides a range of critical operations including SD/HD conversion, PAL/NTSC conversion, logo insertion, color space conversion, color correction, and closed-captions extraction. Employing Harmonic’s MicroGrid™ parallel-processing software technology, ProMedia Xpress enables faster-than-real-time transcoding and packaging of broadcast-quality SD and HD video for multiscreen VOD applications. ProMedia Carbon and ProMedia Xpress are controlled by Harmonic’s file-based WFS, which provides automated processing of high-volume transcoding tasks, failover support, job distribution management, job prioritization, load balancing, FTP transfer, status monitoring, and job notification.

Harmonic’s ProMedia Origin and MediaGrid scalable shared storage optimize the delivery of D-Smart’s OTT multiscreen VOD and catch-up TV services leveraging a range of industry-standard protocols, including Apple® HLS, Adobe® HDS, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Tight integration between Origin and MediaGrid enable D-Smart to independently scale storage capacity, bandwidth, and streaming capability.

“Turkey is an important country in the video industry and has rapidly growing requirements for video processing and delivery solutions,” said Harout Torossian, regional sales manager, Middle East, Harmonic.

Jakob Hummes, director of presales solutions at Harmonic, added, “The platform deployed by D-Smart is scalable, flexible, and efficient, making it the perfect model for operators wanting to offer next-generation services on a variety of devices. Partnering with a leader like Harmonic, D-Smart will be able to support new standards like MPEG-DASH and HEVC in the future to further increase their service offering and revenue streams.”

The award-winning ProMedia suite and MediaGrid shared storage systems will be featured at Harmonic’s stand 1.B20 during IBC2013 in Amsterdam, Sept. 13-17. Further information about Harmonic and the company’s products is available at