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Broadcast & Media

The world of broadcast is changing dramatically. From HD to mobile video, new formats and delivery methods continually evolve. At the same time, the proliferation in delivery methods means that broadcasters must expand their offerings in order to continue to capture the attention of consumers who now have many additional viewing options.

One requirement that hasn't changed, though, is the need for bullet-proof reliability: programming and advertising must be delivered reliably for broadcasters to be able to make money, and this is as true in packaging for new media distribution as it is in traditional real-time delivery. With its simple “plug and play” format expansion capabilities, unmatched expertise in file-based workflows and world-renowned reliability, Harmonic makes the transition to this new model simple and painless for hundreds of broadcasters around the world.

From studio and news production to uncompressed post production, Harmonic broadcast and media solutions address every step in a broadcast workflow. Create news and sports highlights. Edit clips in place on shared storage using your NLE of choice. Play out a rich, branded channel, complete with multilayer graphics and dynamic text. Produce content targeted for viewing on any device, anywhere, at any time.


Broadcast & Media Applications

News and Sports Highlights

Create an optimised file-based workflow for news and sports highlights

In addition to watching breaking news, live sporting events, and highlights on broadcast channels, today’s consumers are increasingly viewing this type of video...

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Studio and News Production

Improving production value and efficiency

In complex, multi-camera studio and news production environments, efficiency is of utmost importance, especially given today’s economic pressures. Consequently, broadcasters must find a cost-...

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